Wake up EUrope | Democracy or ethnocracy?

Reforms of the B&H constitution and election law - - a frequent topic in public discourse since the first judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which deal with discriminatory provisions regarding passive voting rights in BiH. All attempts at substantial change have failed and we are no longer sure whether we will see at least "limited constitutional changes" and technical improvements to the electoral process.

All political talks focus on deepening ethnic divisions, instead of creating a policy of solving burning social problems, which do not know ethnicity, and solutions for reform processes that take us away from the 14 priorities of the European Commission and thus from the further EU accession process. On the other hand, the international community does not use enough opportunities and potentials for BiH's talks and progress towards the EU, but, following the line of least resistance, adapts to political discourse and policy-making on the principle of talks and negotiations with "ethnic leaders", while democratic institutions of government are blocked . Where do the amendments to the election law and the "limited" amendments to the BiH Constitution lead? Who has been asked the most, and what have we forgotten? Who should remind domestic politicians where these debates must take place, and who should remind the international community when to react when things go towards non-European values? Does the European Union have a clear picture and strategy for BiH?

We discussed the very important issue of "Democracy or Ethnocracy" with:

• Tineke STRIK - Member of the European Parliament;

• Dietmar KÖSTER - Member of the European Parliament;

• Jakob FINCI - President of the Jewish Community in BiH;

• Azra ZORNIĆ - citizen;

Moderator: Kristina Ljevak

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